Mike Kennedy
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Philadelphia guitarist and music maker, Mike Kennedy, has been sharing his passion for melody and musical imagery with eclectic audiences for over twenty years. Mike has spent his musical life exploring many moods, textures and spaces and continues to use each performance as a launchpad to search for new and compelling musical experiences.  

Mike grew up in Lansdale, a suburb of Philadelphia, where much of his childhood was spent outdoors near streams and in woods, listening to records(mostly 45’s) and practicing the guitar. He first began taking lessons at age eight and continued until his first band situation developed around age 14. At this point, playing music and performing publicly was an all consuming pursuit. There were many house parties and dances that were part of his early performance schedule, which only fueled his desire to continue playing, improve as a player and also to start writing music. Mike went on to study Jazz Guitar at The University of The Arts in Philadelphia and from there immersed himself in a free-lance lifestyle, playing as much as possible as well as writing new music. His performance schedule has covered much of the east coast, parts of California, Texas, Florida, Ohio and Tennessee and looks forward to more in the future. In addition to a busy performance schedule, Mike is currently the guitar department chairperson at UARTS. 

Mike’s recent release, ‘Landfall”, features haunting melodic passages, plenty of Twang, pedal steel and calls upon imagery reminiscent of the old west territories. These songs are inspired by an imagined perspective of what it must be like in those regions of desert that are surrounded by  mountain and water and enormous sky, where the horizon is barely visible. Painted with broad strokes of Americana, Folk and Jazz, Landfall is a sonic field trip to those open spaces. 

Future projects already in progress include a solo guitar record and a trio record that is partially inspired by some writings of Edgar Allan Poe. You can catch up with Mike’s previous releases at most online streaming services as well as itunes, amazon and Mike’s website; http://www.kennedymusic.com